Conferences, Lectures and Panels - Documentation Photography

Conferences, Lectures, Panels and Interviews


Trade Shows


Panel Discussions

We provide specialized coverage from single session to multi-day events, including:

- Lectures and panel sessions

- Professional conferences

- Trade shows

- Corporate events, both internal and external

- Corporate video including interviews and promos

Clients have included numerous technology, financial and non-profit firms and institutions, such as New World Capital, ClickZLive, Immune-Oncology 360, and the United Nations.

We can provide a customized package for your needs that includes:

- Photographic coverage of lecture and panel sessions, receptions, networking and vendors.

- Videography with motion graphics, slides and multi-camera editing.

- Interviews, both candid and formal.

- Highlights videos that capture the energy and mood of the event.

- Video bites for social media.

- Streaming video.

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